Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Use Cut Swept to Draw Helical Gear

Cut Swept actually can used for many application, like draw to bolt, nut, helical gear. You just need two step, create sketch the cut profile and make helical path, so you can applicate for many models from these ordered.
Learn More about Helical Gear
Before to draw helical gear, you must prepare the data of material such as module (m), number of teeth (z), bore diameter (A), hub diameter (B), pitch diameter (C), outside diameter (D), face width (E), hub width (F), total length (G) and angle of helix (α). For detail you can see this illustration:
For more detail helical gear dimension & catalog, please download here!
Direction of helix or angle is 15° can applicate to drawing with search pitch of helical gear. If outside diameter is known, you just find the pitch by the formula :
In video tutorial of draw helical gear, the pitch is shown 0.06 revolution. That means is ->(Face Width / Pitch )
If outside diameter (D) = 35.06 mm and angle of Helix = 15° so the Pitch is ( 3.14 x 35.06 ) / tan 15° = 411 mm. And finally the revolution at face width 25 mm is ( 25 / 411 ) x 1 rev = 0.06 revolution.

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